Kathy Norris - Organ/Synthesizer/Vocals
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Kathy's Autobiography:

I was born and raised in Lake Village, Arkansas, the fifth child of a proud Italian family.  With parents, 3 brothers and
 a sister, we were not a musical family, instrumental wise, but players of every kind of music that ranged from the era of my
 parents, brothers , sister and finally me in the “bubble gum”  stage.  We all had a time to play “our music” and all had to listen, even the brother who was a big country music fan.  I don’t  remember a time our house was ever quiet during the day that music was not playing.

Started piano in the fourth grade and played for a couple of years. My music teacher, who was the organist at our church, (Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church), decided I needed to learn how to play the organ, since there were only 2 in the church that played. So, that began my career of a church organist, with later years
having a great group of family, friends and children in an awesome youth choir group.  


In between, married , raised 2 beautiful girls, Tisha and Tafta, who have since given me 2 beautiful grandchildren, Allen and Sydney. Divorced,went to work,  ran for public office and became County Clerk and worked with my mother, who has been the biggest influence in my life, for 8 years.   Then I meet the most wonderful man, that brought life and laughter back into my life, Mike.  Mike moved me to Wynne, AR, where I am his office manager for his optometry practice.  Mike had been in a band since he was young, I will let him tell that story, and after 20 years of not playing, started back after we married.  After trials and tribulations with starting up a new band, we have now found our “union” with Reckless Union.  It is the most fun I have had, since the “girls” came into the group.  They have become “sisters” to me and I hope we will continue the tradition of having music fill our days.