Special thanks to Jolene Norris (Mike's mother) for filling us in:

It all started around 1968 when a friend of Mike's, Kikki Kinman got a set of drums. Mike played the guitar and they decided to get together and form a band along with Roger Winkler - bass, Bubba Morris - vocals, and Richard Hooper who also played guitar. They all loved music. They decided to call themselves "The Rogues".

They needed someone to watch over them so Jolene volunteered to manage them. They played for free at their 1st gig. It was for a teenage party at the Country Club and they made a $50 tip.

Richard Hooper left the band and Michael Etheridge joined in with the organ. Kikki left for military school in 1969 and Tommy Riley took his place as drummer.

They played at the Progressive Club in Wynne nearly every Friday night. They charged the kids $1.00 each. Then word got around and  they started traveling out of town to other gigs. They even won the "Battle of the Bands" contest in Forrest City. They also did a recording at the Memphis Stacks studio in Memphis, TN. They also performed on the WHBQ Sat. morning show with George Klein on TV a couple of times.

When the kids started leaving for college, the band decided to break up.

Many years later, after Mike and Kathy got married, she organized a "Rogue" reunion. They had a gig at the Progressive Club for fun. Then the "Rogues" started up again.

 After around 7 years of organizing and reorganizing, the band finally found the union it was looking for in 2003. They decided they needed a new name and Regina's sister, Terrie Bunnell, came up with "Reckless Union". They decided it "fit". With the addition of female singers, R.U. has been revamped it's sound to accent the powerful harmony and the outstanding musical talent of the group. As Mike said, "This is the band I've alway's dreamed of". Everyone gets along great and they're looking forward to a future of making great music togther.