Ricky Hess - Drummer
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I was born August 20, 1964 in Wynne and have lived here all my life. My sister and I are the only ones in our family that enjoy playing music: Connie plays the piano and organ while I play the drums. I started playing the drums in the Wynne Junior High band at the age of 11 and played the snare, timphanies, bass drum, cymbals, and other percussion equipment. Mom and Dad bought my first set of Ludwig drums when I was 13 and they encouraged me to play and learn more. I still have that set of drums but recently I bought a set of Roland TD12 electronic drums —at the coaching of our band leader Dr. Mike! Although I have never played in a band other than the high school band, the members of Reckless Union can convince you that you are “superdrummer” through their patience and encouragement at every practice session. My first official “GIG” was playing at Hee Haw this year for the Wynne Friends of Animals fundraiser. It was great and addictive!


On August 27, 1982, I married my junior high school sweetheart Cyndi. Together we enjoy bow hunting, riding ATVs, and taking care of our many dogs and cats. I also enjoy farming with my family and managing Wild Acres Duck Club. Cyndi and I also take pride in being members of the Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire Department and Board of Directors. Storm chasing, fighting fires, and serving as First Responders are only small parts of the services we provide for our community. AND WE LOVE TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE-always kids at heart.