David Sills - Rhythm - Male Vocals



Growing up in Memphis I was exposed to music at an early age as my older sister Sherron insisted I dance with her so she could practice her “Bop” moves.

My first guitar came from Nathan Novic’s Pawn Shop in Downtown Memphis on Beale St. I was on my way!

In High School we formed a typical “garage band” called The Shalimars playing in all the usual places, Teen Towns, Skating Rinks, an occasional battle of the bands, several appearances on GK’s talent party and occasional Rathole club that we probably shouldn’t have been in..

Kicking around in and out of music over the years, I some how had the priviledge to sit in the last couple of years with Reckless Union helping out with the Hee Haw Shows benefiting the Wynne Animal Shelter. Next thing I know I was asked to stay.

Why yesterday I couldn’t even spell Reckless Union, Now I R one.

Thanks Sherron for making me dance to the music and Mary Ann for putting up with me and the music.